Adding Articles and Maintaining Articles

The website uses news items, referred to as articles to convey information and news to club members. Each news item belongs to a category, which determines where it is displayed. The categories currently used by the Allsports website are:
  1. Latest News. These articles are displayed under the "What's Happening" menu item. The lead 2 articles from this category are also displayed at the bottom of the website.
  2. Cricket News. The most recent articles from this category are displayed on each cricket competition results page.
  3. Netball News. The most recent articles from this category are displayed on each netball competition results page.
  4. Soccer News. The most recent articles from this category are displayed on each soccer competition results page.
Articles can have single images, a gallery of images or a video.

It is important to understand that the size of images can have a significant impact on performance. Most images these days whether taken with a mobile smartphone or a digital camera can have a very high resolution. These images should be scaled down to a more manageable size, both to ensure that the image does not take a significant time to download and also to better suit the digital devices they will be displayed on. Images scaled down to 1600 x 800 are more than large enough and in many cases 800 x 400 or 800 x 500 are more than enough.

Similarly videos should be placed on video streaming services such as Vimeo or YouTube. (Both Vimeo and YouTube have free accounts, although this may have limitations on the size of videos that can be loaded.)

The above video provides some examples on how to create new articles and modify existing ones. Ensuring the article is allocated to the correct category and also are set as published are important factors in ensuring the article will appear where you expect it to.

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