$1000 Fast 5 Netball


Commencing February 2018

Ladies Fast 5 Netball-played Wednesday nights

Mixed Fast 5 Netball-played Thursday nights

5 players-a-side PLUS minimum 2 reserves

All teams handicapped on ability


Get ready to get moving in a whole new kind of netball. 

Think shorter quarters with rolling substitutions; five players-a-side; shoot for one, two or three points and Power Plays to double your score.

It’s social. It’s fun. It’s netball played in a brand new way!

Nominate your team early so you don’t miss out!

Enjoy after the game for a social drink!


MODIFIED RULES, RULE! Think shorter quarters, rolling substitutions, a more free flowing

game; shoot for one, two or three points, and you have Fast5


Each game of Fast5 Netball includes:

• Four quarters

• Six minutes each

• One minute interval at quarter time, three-quarter time and half time


Win the Coin Toss and your team:

Chooses which end they’ll play to in the first quarter

Starts with the ball in the first and third quarters

Has first choice of a quarter for its Power Play

Lose the Coin Toss and your team:

Starts with the ball in the second and fourth quarters

Chooses one of the three remaining quarters for its Power Play


Always wanted to score from long range? Fast5 Netball

features shooting zones offering players the opportunity to score one, two and three points with each shot!

An additional semi-circle is marked halfway between the goal post and the existing goal circle. The area inside this extra semi-circle is called the ‘Inner Circle’, and the area

between this semi-circle and the existing goal circle is the ‘Outer Circle’.


Will you play it safe or take risks for the big points? With one, two and three point shots on offer, the choice is yours! Points

are scored based on the area in which a player’s feet are positioned when taking the shot.

Shots made from the Inner Circle are worth one point

Shots made from the Outer Circle are worth two points

Looking for maximum points? You’ll score three points when the shot is made from outside the goal circle!

Land with your feet in different scoring zones? Step back and go for more points!


All other centre passes shall be taken by the team that did not score the last goal.


During a team’s Power Play quarter all points scored are doubled.


Substitutions may be made at intervals or during play and there is no limit to the number that can be made.

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